Da Pippo Trattoria

"A typical 'Sicilian' atmosphere" with "good wine, chequered tablecloths" and a vibrant "atmosphere".

An immensely popular restaurant, Da Pippo is open mostly for lunch and occasionally for dinner by request. It is a cosy Italian Trattoria with an eclectic mix of art styles and celebratory photographs adorning the walls. Patron Francesco presents a fresh daily menu that is sourced by local independent suppliers, shunning the offers of bigger, less flavoursome producers. The result may be a terse menu, however the assurance of first-class food is guaranteed. Service is speedy and efficient, tailored for a lunchtime eatery.
With a menu that evolves from the best on offer, the bar showcases  its daily catch of large groupers prawns and other delectable fish and seafood offerings. Also on display you can see steaks, award winning cheeses, cold meats, fruit and vegetables. Appetisers may include parmesan, olives and sundried tomatoes with crusty bread and olive oil for dipping. The Patron recommends the house specialties of the day which may include the lobster-filled ravioli or, when available, the succulent seabass cooked to perfection. An alternative of meaty sausage with goat’s cheese competes for your attention. To fill any gap, a range of typical Sicilian desserts is offered. Top it all off  with a strong espresso. Whilst it may be impossible to predict what’s for lunch tomorrow, you can be certain that it will be an excellent one.

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2019 Ratings

Food: 44
Service: 41
Ambience: 39
Overall: 42

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 2074 diners who dined out on an average of twice a week – 215, 696 dining experiences a year!

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Additional Note:

Closed Sun

€30 average price per person.


136, Melita Street, Valletta

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