Townhouse No3, Rabat

At Townhouse No3, chef patron Malcolm Bartolo, offers refined dining in an un-fussy atmosphere. The aim is to work with local produce as much as possible, irrespective of the effort involved in sourcing consistent produce.

”Malta has got a very good level of raw materials, it’s just finding the right way of working with it.”

Malcolm Bartolo’s career started in a 5 star hotel in St. Julian’s over 17 years ago. After a stint in Scotland he moved to the Isle of Man where he head chefed a multi-award winning restaurant. The nostalgia of the Mediterranean produce lured him back to Malta where he set up San Andrea at Palazzo Castelletti (Rabat) over 4 years ago and after moved on to Palazzo Pariso (Naxxar) until he came across a run down restaurant in one of the most picturesque alleys in Rabat & called it Townhouse No3.

Focusing on local produce being the main ingredient, the team of Townhouse No3 do their utmost to prepare & present food in a refined manner.

”At Townhouse No3 we serve the kind of food we know the story behind”


Townhouse No 3

3 & 4 Republic Str


Tel:  7900 4123

3 & 4 Republic Str, Rabat

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