Townhouse No3

A "hidden gem. Not only the food is great, but Malcolm and his staff are very knowledgable and passionate about their wines and spirits".

Townhouse No3 opened its doors in July 2017. Its name is nothing more than the door number, shedding light on the simplicity of the chef’s vision. Local produce is the main ingredient, cooked to perfection, using the techniques that chef patron Malcolm Bartolo has acquired throughout his 19-year career. The restaurant works very closely with small producers who grow and cultivate some of the island’s best produce, as well as winemakers producing high-quality vintages.
The genuine sourcing of these ingredients is also evident on the food menu, which details the percentage of local produce used in each dish. Start with a hearty dish of gratinated potato gnocchi with a cream of leek and potato, fennel sausage from a local butcher, and smoked cheese. A collar of local pork is stuffed with fresh chorizo and cooked till tender soft, served on a fricassee of oyster mushrooms. The refined version of a local bread pudding is served with home-churned carob ice-cream. The wine list boasts both local and forgein wines, with a particular focus on local micro wineries, old vintages (listed on a wine board) and some very reputable foreign wineries.

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2020 Ratings

Food: 45
Service: 43
Ambience: 42
Overall: 43

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 3109 diners who dined out on an average of twice a week – 242, 502 dining experiences a year!


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Additional Note:

Open for dinner Tue-Sat. Open for lunch Sun only during Autumn,Winter & Spring. Open Sun dinner in Summer only. Open by request.
€48.5 average price per person.


3/4, Republic Street, Rabat

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