Tosca Restaurant

"A real home away from home........ No words to explain.. Tosca is simply marvellous..."

Tosca is located on the hill in the picturesque village of Mellieħa. Comfy upholstery and a warm colour scheme gives a cosy feel. Tables are kept at a discreet distance to allow patrons some privacy in their conversations. The open kitchen exudes a feeling of trustworthiness, as chef and team work in synergy to present you with delightful dishes. Jonathan, the man who runs it, together with his stellar front-of-house team, infuses the atmosphere with his passion for service.
With a name like Tosca, the great opera by the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, there can be little doubt that the main influence is Italian. Yet the place manages to blend Italy’s best with more varied Mediterranean fare and a few Maltese touches. Just like the best opera, the flavours are dramatically good, and rich in contrasts and crescendos. The food is copious and, if you are adventurous enough, their tasting menus are excellent. Don’t miss the local octopus dish and the carnaroli risotto with oyster mushrooms. The food is definitely worthy of any maestro. And whatever you choose, do leave space for their assorted doughnuts and truffles. At Tosca you need not sing for your supper, but you will sing its praises way after you leave the restaurant.

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  1. Best evening ever!

    We were passing through Mellieha main road and encountered Tosca restaurant; couldn’t resist not stopping by. It’s very nice from the outside and even better from the inside. I took the fresh fish of the day and my wife took Quattro Formaggi pizza. Exquisite food! Staff is very friendly and polite. I recommend this restaurant.

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2020 Ratings

Food: 48
Service: 47
Ambience: 47
Overall: 48

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Open dinner Tue-Sun Open lunch on Sun only.
€45.5 average price per person.


Gorg Borg Olivier Street, Mellieħa

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