The Sheer Bastion

Set atop Senglea’s centuries-old bastions and within the Gran Cugo’ Macina Grand Harbour, The Sheer Bastion, from its defensive and naval origins, is today a venue for celebrations that go down in history. An unparalleled panorama from the historic water’s edge building of the Grand Harbour and Birgu City play host to stunning sunsets, exquisite firework displays and illuminated views of the cities. The 16th century fortifications, a tentative UNESCO World Heritage site, tells its story with architectural and functional features enhanced by state of the art lighting, providing elegant surroundings for any occasion.

The Sheer Bastion is equipped with a multi-award winning kitchen and offers refined, attentive service. The venue’s cuisine is produced by an elite kitchen brigade led by talented Chef de Cuisine Andrea Marchetti, and directed by 21-time award winning Chef and restauranteur Chris Hammett. Canapés and set menus are created in-house using the finest local, seasonal produce and constructed with superior and flawless detail. The capacity allows for over 1000 reception and 300 seated covers.

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Daily 11am-4pm, 6pm-midnight

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€50 average price per person.


Gran Cugo’ Macina Grand Harbour, Isla

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