The Hilltop

Diners are "always immensely satisfied when dining at The Hilltop restaurant".

The Hilltop is located in Mellieħa, and as the name suggests, the restaurant can be found at the top of Gorg Borg Olivier hill. Featuring both indoor and outdoor seating, The Hilltop is ideal for families with children, couples and larger groups looking to enjoy the calm manner of the restaurant. Fully equipped with two live tanks holding lobsters, crabs and other local fish and sea creatures, the pristine condition of the aquarium keeps the crustaceans for consumption at optimum conditions while serving as a focal point for the restaurant diners.
The menu at The Hilltop is rather abundant, from exotic features such as kangaroo meat to the stunning hot lava grilled meat dishes that are presented sizzling and bursting with flavour. Whether you prefer your steak medium or rare, the chef will undercook it in the kitchen so as to present it at the perfect temperature once it arrives at your table. Apart from the succulent meat, fresh lobsters and crabs, The Hilltop also serves Maltese specialities, pasta dishes and platters to name a few. The wine list will complete your meal in the most perfect way; choose from local, French or even Lebanese, Israeli or Syrian wines. The dessert menu doesn’t fall short either; homemade ħelwa tat-Tork with pistachio croccante, blackberry cheesecakes and coconut yoghurt parfait to mention a few.

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2020 Ratings

Food: 38
Service: 38
Ambience: 34
Overall: 36

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 3109 diners who dined out on an average of twice a week – 242, 502 dining experiences a year!


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Additional Note:

Open for dinner & Sun lunch. Closed Wed dinner.
€56 average price per person.


Gorg Borg Olivier Street, Mellieħa

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