Ta’ Marija Restaurant

"Friendly attentive staff, fantastic atmosphere, fabulous authentic food".

Ta’ Marija has for many decades been a staple of Maltese cuisine and hospitality. The restaurant is driven by the endless energy of Ben Muscat Junior, son of the late Marija, who throughout her life, put her heart and soul into making her guests feel right at home. But there’s more to Ta’ Marija than good food and hospitality. Multiple times per week, the restaurant comes to life with folklore dinner shows and live entertainment, creating a cheerful and unique atmosphere that patrons simply can’t get enough of. Additionally, Ta’ Marija is ever-evolving, having recently added a new outdoor dining area and a number of large portraits depicting its clientele from the 60s.
The meal starts with a complimentary bruschetta and bigilla. Each table comes with a ‘fuklar’ (stone hob) with a candle at its centre to keep dishes warm. The menu is a feast of choice. Starters include a variety of local appetizers such as farmhouse snails, anchovy and cod fritters, as well as a delicious selection of homemade ravioli filled with lobster, rabbit, ricotta or gorgonzola, all of which are hugely popular with patrons. For mains, you’ll be spoilt for choice, with a huge selection of fish dishes, steaks, fowl and game, including the ever-popular slow-stewed rabbit in Ta’ Marija sauce. Complete your meal with some homemade St. Martin’s pie with walnuts and raisins, for a sweet goodbye that you’ll wish would never end.

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2020 Ratings

Food: 46
Service: 46
Ambience: 46
Overall: 47

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 3109 diners who dined out on an average of twice a week – 242, 502 dining experiences a year!

Foklore dinner shows every Wed & Fri evening.

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Open for lunch & dinner. Closed Mon lunch.
€43 average price per person.


Constitution Street, Mosta

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