Ta’ Kris Restaurant & Maltese Bistro

"The food is magnificent value for money and the service is great"

Ta’ Kris restaurant is tucked away up a short flight of steps and down a little alley in a large old bakery which showcases antique wood-fired ovens used many years ago. The ceiling is adorned with the original wooden peels; shovel-like tools the bakers used to slide loaves of bread in and out of the ovens. The whole restaurant is a cosy hubbub of bustle and chatter with contented patrons arriving and leaving and instantly being replaced by more hungry patrons. It is a traditionally Maltese environment complete with a genuine Maltese red front door and shutters and a miniature hanging Maltese balcony.
Ta’ Kris offers generous portions of classical Maltese food; that which to Maltese people is traditional Sunday lunch fare and which many no longer have the luxury of the time needed to prepare. Sample the traditional Maltese platter of antipasti and warm Maltese bread to start or fresh octopus salad with fresh green lettuce. Savour delicious tortellaci stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and pine kernels, or fresh ricotta filled ravioli tossed in a simple tomato sauce. Mains include fresh swordfish and tuna steaks, succulent chicken roulade cooked in the oven, or tagliata of beef with fresh rucola and parmesan shavings on roasted vegetables. The baked chicken breast wrapped in bacon and nestled on roasted vegetables in a creamy sauce is delicious. Enjoy Maltese sweets such as imqaret; date pies, helwa tat-Tork; dense fudge with tahini, Maltese ice-cream and traditional kannoli filled with sweet ricotta.

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2019 Ratings

Food: 47
Service: 44
Ambience: 43
Overall: 44

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€46 average price per person.

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80, Fawwara Alley, Sliema