"The ambiance was very good" and "consistent". The food is "authentic"

Saffron Truly Indian is a modern spacious well-lit restaurant with delightfully comfortable seating on large heavy chairs and generous gaps between neighbouring tables. The decor is dark browns, creams, parquet flooring, wood, gilded frames, paintings, mirrors and glass. Spot the subtle Indian mementos discreetly peppered around the restaurant: little statues of the Taj Mahal, bronze Indian gods, elephants and perched on the fully-stocked bar in the centre of the restaurant, an Indian boy offering up a basket full of peppermints. Various bright flower arrangements introduce vivid colour and complete the pretty ambience.
Saffron offers an extensive menu of genuine Indian cuisine beautifully and artistically served in a variety of heavy stainless steel and copper pots and dishes. Start off with large crunchy poppadoms accompanied by a delicious trio of thick sauces. Try the crispy lamb samosa or the ‘Chilli Paneer Tikka’: tasty skewered slabs of cheese interspersed with firm chunks of onion or peppers and drenched in a mild sauce. Try the Saffron chef special: tender barbecued chicken in apricot sauce, the Saffron moist beef special with coconut and the hot lamb ‘Lazeez’ with ginger and chug back chilled drinks in an attempt to neutralize the heat. Enjoy the pilau rice with saffron; good enough to eat on its own! Savour the warm naan bread with a twist: stuffed with melted stringy cheese. End with ‘Kulfy’- a traditional icy sweetened milk ice-cream topped with slivers of pistachio.

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2019 Ratings

Food: 47
Service: 46
Ambience: 44
Overall: 46

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 2074 diners who dined out on an average of twice a week – 215, 696 dining experiences a year!

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€27 average price per person.


64, Wilga Street, C/W Church Street, Paceville, St. Julian’s

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