Root 81

"Great new restaurant, definitely one of the best newcomers on the island". "Romantic ... with a perfect view and outstanding food"

Going up Saqqajja hill in Rabat, an old stone staircase hosts a handful of restaurants and wine bars. There, you will find Root 81- a tiny, cosy restaurant lodged inside the heart of a tastefully restored Rabat townhouse. The interior decor is charming with a warm colour palette, paintings, and a rather unusual chandelier with an endearing backstory. There’s a story behind Root 81’s name too, but such tales are best retold by Chef Patron Robert, whose heartwarming hospitality and genuine smile give such a unique quality to this restaurant.
The menu at Root 81 presents an intriguing palette of dishes that will excite and entertain your taste-buds. Dishes change seasonally to feature the freshest produce. Robert maintains a strict “fresh, not frozen” policy, which makes every dish come to life with vibrant colours and taste. The meal starts with beautiful simplicity – fresh bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and homemade butter, teasing the appetite for the treats to come. As a starter, you could go for a refreshing carpaccio or grilled asparagus (when in season). There are some enticing pasta dishes available too, as well as a thick, creamy risotto that’s to die for. Mains feature classic favourites such as veal cutlets, ribeye, and local pork, as well as some more adventurous options. Conclude with the spectacular lemon posset with white chocolate crumble and honeycomb to depart with a huge smile on your face.

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2019 Ratings

Food: 49
Service: 48
Ambience: 46
Overall: 48

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Open Sun Lunch, closed Sun Dinner

€49 average price per person.


21, Saqqajja Hill, Rabat

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