Ristorante La Vela

"Best service on the island. Michelle is an excellent host. The food is delicious. Atmosphere fantastic".

Ristorante La Vela is the perfect spot for a relaxing and pampering dining experience hidden away in the charming Msida marina, surrounded by views of calm inland sea and idyllic sea craft. The decor is elegant, with a palette of beige, white, taupe and light pastels. Warmer weather begs for al fresco feasts on the patio at the water’s edge, while the indoor dining area makes for a cosy and welcoming shelter when the elements decide to be less cooperative. Staff in pressed uniforms glide quietly between the tables, paying close attention to your every request, without being intrusive. With such a classy setup, it is not uncommon to see celebrities dining here.
The menu changes regularly and offers something for everyone. However, La Vela prides itself in bringing you the gems of authentic Sicilian food, wine and olive oil, with special focus on the bounty of the sea. A popular special, the ‘antipasto di crudi e cotti’ delivers a delectable journey across tastes, aromas and textures. Next, feast on a fresh catch of the day, maybe baked ‘al sale’ or prepared to your liking. La Vela also features an attentively-curated selection of wines, some of which are imported directly from boutique winemakers and unavailable anywhere else. Conclude your meal with the signature ‘cannolo scomposto’, or a bite of exquisite chocolate accompanied by a shot of classic or vintage rum.

2 reviews

  1. High Class restaurant

    One of the best restaurants on the island, the quality is quite high and the staff is exceptional.

    Congratulations to Michell! Owner restaurant, super elegant and professional woman.

  2. Best restaurant in Malta

    This place is great! Atmosphere is chill and cool but the staff is also really friendly. Michelle is the best host ever! They know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about, and you can tell making the customers happy is their main priority. Food is absolutely amazing , italian classics and some twists, and for their prices it’s 100% worth it.

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2020 Ratings

Food: 49
Service: 49
Ambience: 48
Overall: 49

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Open for lunch & dinner. Mon closed all day. Closed Sun dinner. Closed last week of Sep.
€60 average price per person.


Marina Street, Pieta

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