Pizzeria Sotto

"Probably the best pizza on the island"..."love the shape"

Sotto Pizzeria is nestled in a cosy stone cellar with arches and wooden beams; its walls are
adorned with colourful lamps and framed pictures. The tables and chairs coupled with the wood
effect flooring all contribute to an inviting and rustic atmosphere. Located in separate rooms,
you’ll find an open kitchen and a well stocked bar. You may select your own wine from the wine
racks on display or from the temperature controlled wine cabinet. The smiling, friendly Italian
staff bustle quietly around and the hum of contented chatter can be heard mingling with the
Italian music in the background.
Sotto is well-known for its divine pizza and the ‘la pinsa Romana’ which is shaped in an
elongated oval and served on wooden boards. The secret lies in the long detailed process of
making the dough, the chef explains. It is a blend of four different kinds of flour and the ‘lievito
madre’ a natural leavening agent derived from a starter. The dough is left to rise for several
hours in warm temperatures, then kneaded and left to rise a second time. The result: a fine thin
crunchy base of pizza topped with rich authentic delicious ingredients. Try specialities such as
the Pizza Parmiggiana with aubergines and basil, the decadent Pizza Carbonara and the Pizza
Luisa with truffle sauce. A selection of fresh pasta, salads and mouth-watering desserts are
also available.

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2019 Ratings

Food: 42
Service: 38
Ambience: 35
Overall: 38

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€20 average price per person.


32, South Street, Valletta

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