Okurama International Taste

"Never fails to please". "Best sushi on the island and the noodles and duck are so delicious too". "Always spoilt for choice".

Taking up a corner block of prime Paceville central, the pillared entrance to Okurama International Taste beckons. Descending the stairs facing a large gilded mirror, patrons are greeted by a demure Japanese hostess and ushered into the opulent dining area. Oversized crystal chandeliers are surrounded by framed paintings curiously hanging down from the ceiling. A silver chaise longue and grandiose statuette draws the eye to the open kitchen where ethnic chefs expertly roll nori maki. Striped covered columns divide the split level space and immense iron clocks grace the walls. Sturdy, padded chairs surround dark, burnished table linen offering a sense of privacy to customers. Light voile curtains drape gracefully over pale parquet flooring against the kitsch decor.
Pair your hot sake, served in a ceramic decanter with thumbnail cups, with sticky spare ribs washed down with Thai-style chicken and coconut soup. Steamed Cantonese dim sum served in a bamboo basket will leave you wanting. Brandish your chopsticks at the Super Crunchy Lover-tobiko and teriyaki seasoned tempura prawn sushi rolls topped with tempura salmon and spring onions. Moist, seared scallop sashimi sit alongside vegetable sculptures. Check out imaginative Martini cocktails- such as the verdant sake-based Asian touch blended with lime. Cleanse the palate with refreshing green tea ice-cream. Spearheading a new wave of Pacific Rim cuisine, the Eastern favours of Okurama International Taste deliver on their promise of fusion dining.

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2020 Ratings

Food: 44
Service: 40
Ambience: 42
Overall: 42

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 3109 diners who dined out on an average of twice a week – 242, 502 dining experiences a year!


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Additional Note:

Open for dinner. Open Sun lunch.
€35 average price per person.


Dragunara Road, St. Julian's

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