Lovage Bistro

"Always had a great experience here". "A top restaurant" with the best "prawn bisque on the island"

Lovage Bistro is a hidden gem in Qawra. Its romantic-sounding name is actually the name of a herb traditionally used in many dishes especially to add flavour when preparing broth locally. The bistro is spacious, modern and filled with natural light as it boasts a large outdoor terrace on two sides. The decor is minimalist with natural earthy browns, oranges, stone and smart lighting. Expect the finest in tableware, original salt and pepper mills, exotic bottles of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and wine bucket stands at each table, providing added space on the table and an extra sense of luxury.
Lovage Bistro is about treating yourself. It is food for the senses and not merely to satisfy your appetite. The chef’s original creations are arranged artistically on the beautiful plates so you can feast your eye before you dig in and enjoy. Try the warm baked Casutin cheese or the creamy fresh mushroom coffee. Enjoy the ‘eliche al gragnano pasta al dente’ with fresh local prawns followed by the fish of the day adorned with fish ravioli from the specials board or tender succulent rib-eye with your choice of creamy sauces and sides of perfectly roasted potatoes and fresh warm vegetables with a bite. Sip wines from the exhaustive wine list and culminate with decadent homemade desserts such as crème brulee or a mixed nut tartlet topped with luscious ice-cream.

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2019 Ratings

Food: 48
Service: 46
Ambience: 45
Overall: 46

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 2074 diners who dined out on an average of twice a week – 215, 696 dining experiences a year!

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Additional Note:

Closed Tue; Open lunch Sun or by request

€45 average price per person.


Imħar Street, Qawra

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