Hammett’s Mestizo

Truly South American food with service that is "very attentive, friendly and professional".

Mestizo is a happening modern/retro place—soft lighting in a cascade of globes, supplemented by individual brass table mini lamps, pulsing music in the background, double height ceiling throughout most of the restaurant, and a stunning wine cellar spanning two floors. Relax in comfortable plush armchairs and tune in to the vibe as you admire the luxuriant green of the wall garden. Choose an original cocktail or mixed drink from the heavy brass covered drinks menu and watch it being prepared in style in the large corner bar. Try a smoked heart of palm Negroni and prepare to be wowed by the rising smoke, or savour a traditional pisco sour.
Mestizo serves a blend of Latin American tapas to share, aptly reflecting its name, which means the merging of different cultures. Dive into this culinary feast with exotically named dishes like Huancaina (sweet ricotta dip) and Chancho en Piedra (tomato dip). Share Ceviche Mixto (delectable slivers of cured raw fish), Mofongo (crispy plantain balls), Cachapa (flavourful corn tortilla), Lomo Saltado (tender beef strips) and BBQ Choclo (corn on the cob drenched in sauce). Try divine Tres Leches cake, or experience the original rum and chocolate pairing trolley with a choice of exquisite chocolate and fine rum.

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2022 Ratings

Food: 47
Service: 45
Ambience: 46
Overall: 46

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 2,023 diners who dined out on an average of 1-2 times per week – 157,794 dining experiences in a year!

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Mon-Sun - Dinner
€39 average price per person.


11, Triq Schreiber, St. Julian's

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