Garam Masalaa

Excellent hosts serving "fresh food cooked perfectly". A popular choice for those "craving a curry".

Indian curry houses seldom come more experienced than Garam Masalaa. Position yourself in the foyer if you enjoy watching the world go by. A wide passageway takes you past a large, open kitchen teeming with busy Indian cooks skilfully scraping naan dough from the inside of the round, clay tandoori ovens. Parquet-style flooring creates a feeling of uniformity throughout. Shiny bar stools stand out against the muted tones of a padded, monogrammed bar, with bronze undertones reflected in the textured brocade wallpaper, embellishing the indoor dining space. A spacious patio overlooking breathtaking Salina bay is sheltered during inclement weather in order to create coziness without sacrificing the astounding seaview.
Whet your appetite with an exotic Apu cocktail, complete with aniseed kick, while you pull the flaky layers of garlic paratha apart. Wash down your creamy Palak Paneer, tasty home-made rikotta cubes in a spinich curry, with a tall glass of Nimbu Paani lemonade. Spicy Chicken Karahi is beautifully balanced with roasted capsicum sauce and gut warming whole spices, accompanied by Bombay Aloo- flavourful double-cooked potatoes topped with mustard seeds. Friendly, bustling staff are eager to suggest alternative Indian dishes from the extensive choice—from cauliflower tikka salad to vegetarian platters. Round off the night with a warming, herby Masalaa Chai tea and a palate cleansing homemade mango kulfi ice-cream for an authentic Indian experience.

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2022 Ratings

Food: 41
Service: 39
Ambience: 37
Overall: 39

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 2,023 diners who dined out on an average of 1-2 times per week – 157,794 dining experiences in a year!

Tue - Friday 6pm - 10pm, (closed Mon); Sat 6pm - 11pm, Sun 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 10pm.

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Tue-Sun - Dinner. Sat-Sun - Lunch and Dinner. Happy hour 4pm-6pm Mon closed all day
€30 average price per person.


Dawret il-Qawra, Qawra, St Paul's Bay

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