Al Legna Pizzeria

"Nice place to be with friendly staff, good food and service"

Al Legna forms part of the Sensi Hotel complex, just a few hundred metres away from St. Thomas Bay in Marsaskala. It is the perfect spot for eating, drinking and enjoying chillout vibes with friends and loved ones. With its poolside seating, lovely views of the Mediterranean, traditional wood-burning oven, and colourful and unusual artwork adorning the walls, Al Legna creates a space that is unpretentious and welcoming. Al Legna doesn’t try to impress with fanfare. Instead, it makes a simple promise — here you can relax and enjoy honest food prepared by people who love to eat.
With over fifty delicious pizzas on the menu, the pizzaiolo and traditional wood-burning oven are two of Al Legna’s greatest assets. Of course, the secret is in the dough — light and crisp in all the right places, and with a nice puff and texture at the outer ends of the crust. And with a base like that, of course only the best toppings will do. From the classic Margherita, to the more adventurous Zaza’, there’s a whole world of pizza to explore. Alternatively, sample one of Al Legna’s famous burgers. If you’re a big eater, the Juicy Lucy burger will definitely not disappoint. Conclude with a dessert that embodies everything that Al Legna stands for —the Rasta Pizza— for an awesome taste and texture that will keep you coming back for more.

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2019 Ratings

Food: 39
Service: 35
Ambience: 33
Overall: 36

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 2074 diners who dined out on an average of twice a week – 215, 696 dining experiences a year!

Opening Times:

Afternoon Tea

Additional Note:

€19 average price per person.


Sensi Hotel, Il-Mahsel Street, St. Thomas Bay, Marsascala

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