This list is based on the results of our annual survey, last conducted in September 2019. Thousands of readers participated in our Restaurant Survey to discover which are Malta and Gozo’s most popular restaurants for Best Chef. The top rated restaurant sponsored by Pentole Agnelli represented exclusively by The Catering Centre was awarded with a commemorative award at our annual Restaurant Awards Ceremony held in December 2019.

The winners are listed and ranked by number of surveyors’ votes.

Winner: Chef Robert Cassar - Root 81

Chef Marvin Gauci - Tarragon, Susurrus, Caviar & Bull, Dinner in the Sky Malta

Chef Edward Diacono - Rubino

Chef Walter Atzori - Il-Kartell

Chef Roberta Preca - King's Own Band Club, Bar And Restaurant

Chef Matthew Schembri - Lovage Bistro