The 2019 Bettija’rt Grand Collective

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The 2019 Bettija’rt Grand Collective - Friday 20 September till Tuesday 8 October 2019 at Cavalieri Art Hotel

The ten finalists of the Delicata Bettija’rt barrel art competition (organised earlier this year by Malta’s foremost winery, Emmanuel Delicata) will exhibit their barrel artwork one more time, alongside a curated selection of their other work.
The Grand Collective is part of Delicata’s barrel art initiative that endeavours to fuse Malta’s wines, the arts and good living, and it is organised in close association with the directors and management of Cavalieri Art Hotel.
In April of this year, 10 artist-finalists directed their creativity and artistic skills towards the transformation of a decommissioned barrique (a wine barrel or bettija in Maltese) into a stunning work of art (dubbed a bettija’rt). The competition was decided by jury and public vote.
The stunning exhibits are now presented for public viewing in the Monet Gallery surrounded by the finalists’ paintings and other works.
The exhibiting artists are David Xuereb (recipient of the 2019 Bettija’rt Grand Prize), Donald Camilleri (winner 2019 Bettija’rt Runner-up Award), Zack Ritchie (winner 2019 Bettija’rt Special Mention), Francis Galea (winner 2019 Community Vote Award) and finalists Claire Attard Vella, Joseph Barbara, Carmel Bonello, Priscilla Gatt, Sara Pace and Caroline Said Lawrence.


Date & Place:  Friday 20 September till Tuesday 8 October 2019 at Monet Gallery, Cavalieri Art Hotel, Spinola Road, St. Julian’s
Tel: 2318 0000

Entrance:  Free