Carob Tree Food Court


Carob Tree Food Court, St Julian's

Carob Tree is a curated food court with 11 kitchens and bars, located on the first floor of Spinola Park, next to the St. Julian’s Parish Church.

Carob Tree gives guests the opportunity to enjoy a variety of cuisines in one comfortable and serene location. The choices on hand are; southern Indian street food, Asian food, Italian food, fish tapas, a deli, bakery and meat house all in one, a coffee bar, a dessert bar, a sushi bar, a cocktail bar, and a healthy kitchen and craft beer bar which will be opening soon.

The tables inside the food court are common to everyone, so guests can try a selection of these cuisines with friends on the table of their choice, whether inside or on the terrace.

There is a Maltese expression that goes “kisra ħobz taħt il-ħarruba”. The literal translation for this is “breaking bread under the carob tree”. This phrase connotes coming together among friends to relax, have a word and grab a bite under the comfort of shade. This expression has been the inspiration for Carob Tree food court at Spinola Park, St. Julian’s.

From the moment you enter Carob Tree it is clear that this is not your standard food court. There are no international fast food franchises here, and the design and feel of the space creates a unique ambience. The cleanliness, staff friendliness and professionalism all greatly contribute to that fact.

The opening hours also make the space flexible. Open for at least twelve hours a day means that the Carob Tree ends up catering for a multitude of customers and uses. Whether one wants to simply grab lunch or dinner, or use the Carob Tree as a meeting space, or lounge with cocktails on the terrace; there is something for everyone.

In spite of only being open for a few months there are already additional plans for the Carob Tree, such as, increasing the seating area, as well as creating a large child activity area. There is also a new concept called The Pod. This a flexible creative space for cooking classes, pop up kitchens and the like, which makes Carob Tree completely unique on an international level. The free parking is also a big added bonus.


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