Caviar & Bull

Across the board this is an "amazing" and "award winning restaurant in all categories" with "impeccable food and service".


From the brilliant hand and mind behind the multi-award-winning Tarragon restaurant, Caviar & Bull has secured its place amongst the stars of the Maltese fine-dining restaurant scene. Chef patron and owner Marvin Gauci has displayed the same mastery at designing ambience and choosing bright, intelligent individuals as his staff, as he now does when picking the produce for a culinary masterpiece and bringing it to life. The decor is understated elegance. Flowing curtains enclosing the private areas, complement floor-to-ceiling glass walls overlooking St. George’s Bay and the lights glittering across the sea.

Science, art and architecture are fused into producing creations such as the playful spherification of mojito on a half lime.  Apple woodhouse smoked salmon with parmesan textures, aromatic herbs, sweet truffle emulsion, nori julienne and roasted pistachio is a delicate offering, whilst the bufala mozzarella with fake green tomato jelly, roasted pine nuts fresh basil and aged balsamic pearls is sure to stimulate the appetite. The AAA black angus rib-eye and fillet are given the respect they deserve, and are accompanied by a delicious selection of sauces, and for a sophisticated palate, fresh oysters and a sophisticated collection of premium caviar are also available. For a complete experience, make sure you try the degustation menu available for groups. The desserts menu and wine list have been assembled with the same care, vision and insight. Marvin is a talented conductor and this is his orchestra. What a beautiful symphony he has produced.

Seating Indoors: 130

Seating Outdoors: 45

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2018 Ratings

Food: 48
Service: 47
Ambience: 48
Overall: 48

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 2368 diners who dined out on an average of twice a week – 246,272 dining experiences a year!

Corinthia Hotel St. George's Bay, St Julian's
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Daily 6.30pm-11pm.

€59 average price per person.

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